Educational Resources

Education ResourcesThe websites below are recommended by CMC Education staff members for students who want to continue practicing English and other skills outside of CMC classes.

Practice Websites

Resource Why it’s useful
Enchanted Learning English, social studies, math, science, health and other basic education lessons
Literacy Center Interactive games for beginning language learners.
Marshall Adult Education Basic education lessons in communication, consumer economics, community resources health, employment, government, computation, and grammar and writing.
Minneapolis Community Education Interactive activities for beginning, intermediate and advanced language learners.
Our Saviour’s Community Services More websites for English and math learners. Scroll down to the Practice tabs.
ProLiteracy Education Network Lessons on reading, writing, and math. Resources for practicing English and everyday skills, and preparing for the citizenship test.
Quizlet-Citizenship Online flashcards on Citizenship questions.
Quizlet-Reading and Writing Online flashcards developed by CMC staff on key reading and writing vocabulary words.
Slow Easy English This is for more advanced learners. Videos provide explanations for English idioms.
Typing Club Lessons to type on a QWERTY keyboard.
VOA News English lessons based on current events.