Living on the Edge: Poverty Immersion Experience

Living on the Edge Poverty Immersion Experience

What is a poverty simulation?

Poverty simulation group

Often the focus is on the end result of homelessness, but not the process that led individuals and families to those circumstances. This simulation invites you to explore the world of families are on the edge between stable housing and homelessness.

Objective: Pay all of your bills and still have enough money to pay rent on the last day of the month.

Participants will assume the role of a family and visit “stations” (utilities, grocery, transportation, etc.) to provide for their family’s needs while also navigating unexpected life circumstances.

Host a simulation for your group

Simulations are appropriate for all ages! Both youth and adults will gain new insights into the difficult decisions people living in poverty have to make every day. Past participants have expressed interest in bringing the simulation to their church youth groups, parent-teacher associations, Scout troops, and employers!

Simulations last approximately one hour and can include up to 75 participants.

Call Jennifer at 319-731-0454 to arrange a simulation for your club, church, or place of business.