Weather Cancellation

Adult Basic Education Program Weather Cancellation Policy

The Catherine McAuley Center (CMC) follows Cedar Rapids Schools in cancelling or delaying classes due to inclement weather. When Cedar Rapids Schools cancel classes, CMC automatically cancels all classes as well.

If Cedar Rapids Schools delay, CMC delays its 8:00 opening for the same amount of time, cancelling any scheduled classes at that time. For example, if Cedar Rapids Schools delay two hours, CMC delays its 8:00 opening two hours, opening at 10:00. Classes scheduled at 8:00 and 9:00 are cancelled. Classes begin with those scheduled at 10:00.

The Catherine McAuley Center posts closings and delays on KCRG channel 9 and KGAN channel 2 television news and their websites. CMC staff will continue to call students to notify them of cancellations, however we will not call tutors.