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We’d love to have you join our volunteer family. From helping adults with language and life skills to assisting with an event, group project, or committee, the opportunities to serve are many. Learn about all our volunteer opportunities.

Become a Tutor

teacher and student

What if you were unable to talk with your child’s teacher, read the labels at the grocery store, or write your name?

The adult learners who come to the Catherine McAuley Center are eager students who need help with basic life skills. Our volunteers work one-on-one to teach English, life skills, citizenship, and financial literacy and help our neighbors become fully participating members of our community.

All it takes is one hour a week for a minimum of 10 weeks. We provide a two-hour orientation session and all tutoring materials. Volunteers must be 18, have a high school diploma or GED, know English, and want to help others.

Adult Basic Education ProgramVolunteers

The need is great. In 2012, the Adult Basic Education Program (ABEP) provided tutoring to more than 250 adult students from 51 countries and still averaged over 50 students on our weekly waiting list. To keep up with demand, we need more than 100 new volunteers each year. You could be one of them!

Upcoming Tutor Orientations

Check out our upcoming tutor orientation sessions.You’ll get one-on-one instruction in how to effectively teach students in English language, citizenship and basic skills. Ready to go? Register for a new tutor orientation here!

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