Catherine’s Comfortable Tea

Catherine's tea setIn 1996, the Catherine McAuley Center began partnering with Frontier Natural Co-Op of Norway, Iowa, to create Catherine’s Comfortable Tea, a side-business inspired by Catherine McAuley’s famous 19th century charge to her fellow Sisters regarding the needy individuals for whom they cared: “Be sure to have a comfortable cup of tea for them when I am gone.”

The business sold decorative pins, jewelry, mugs, and bags of tea hand-packaged by “The Tea Ladies,” a group of volunteers remembered fondly for their lively conversation that filled the Center’s sun room during their tea-making sessions. With profits supporting the Center’s Adult Basic Education and Transitional Housing programs, Catherine’s Comfortable Tea embodied the hospitality and mercy that is at the heart of the Catherine McAuley Center.

People enjoying Catherine's teaThe Catherine McAuley Center discontinued Catherine’s Comfortable Tea in 2012 in order to focus more energy and resources on meeting the growing need for Catherine McAuley Center services, though tea remains an important symbol and the drink of choice at the annual Catherine’s Tea event, thanks to the continued support of Frontier Natural Co-Op!