Community Sponsorship

What is Community Sponsorship?
The goal of the Community Sponsorship Program is to strengthen community support of refugee resettlement in Eastern Iowa, and to increase the capacity of the Catherine McAuley Center to resettle a growing number of refugees.

This effort aims to engage community organizations in welcoming incoming refugees and partnering with CMC Case Managers to provide basic resettlement services. With the support of the community, our hope is to make the resettlement process a less stressful and more welcoming experience for new community members, and that they will be able to form meaningful connections with their local community.

How does Community Sponsorship work?
Community Sponsorship Teams will be assigned to newly-arrived refugee families to provide support and assistance in navigating the first 6-12 months in the U.S.

Step 1: Be a part of an organization that’s willing to help newly-arriving refugees. 

Step 2: Submit the Community Sponsorship Interest Form to learn more.

Step 3: CMC will conduct a brief interview with potential organizations to answer questions and discuss expectations of the program.

Step 4: Recruit 6-10 people within your organization or group to take on the roles of a Community Sponsorship Team. Learn more about the Team’s Roles & Responsibilities. 

Step 5: Attend orientation trainings on specific roles that will support refugees.

Step 6: Prior to arrival, your Community Sponsorship Team will be assigned to an incoming refugee family that you will work with for the next 6-12 months. The Team will also raise funds and/ or gather in-kind donations to support the family. 

Step 7: For the first 90-days after arrival, your Community Sponsorship Team will work with the family and support resettlement with the help of CMC Case Managers and Staff.

Step 8: After the 90-day period, the Community Sponsorship Team will provide continued support for at least 6 months post-arrival to help the family connect to community resources and prolonged assistance beyond CMC’s intensive case management services.

For more information, please contact, or call 319-363-4993. Thank you for ensuring our newest neighbors feel welcomed and supported!