Understanding Refugee Resettlement

Looking for a deeper understanding of refugees’ experiences and backgrounds? Interested in how you can give, serve, or get involved? This page is dedicated to helping connect you with informational starting points. 

Print materials
Check out our reading list, compiled by staff and volunteers. Includes fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books. Have suggestions? Let us know!

Website and Film Recommendations

Resource Description
Infographic: Screening Process for Refugee Entry into the United States Provides a step-by-step guide of the screening process a refugee most go through before entering the U.S.
United Nations High
Commission on Refugees
International organization that provides refugees protection. Website provides news stories, what the organization does, and how people can become active.
U.S. Committee for
Refugee and Immigrants
Explores issues and provides facts about refugees and immigrants. Users have the opportunity to get involved and donate.
The Refugee Project Offers a narrative, temporal map of refugee migrations since 1975. Also provides reading materials to help understand refugee crises of the last 50 years.
Cultural Orientation Resource Center: Refugee Backgrounders Provides key information about various refugee populations. Backgrounders and profiles include refugee population’s history, culture, religion, language, education, and resettlement needs, and brief demographic information
“13 Powerful films about refugees you need to see” A blog post compilation of films and documentaries that inspires learning and action.
The Resettled A 30-minute film detailing the experiences of refugees who have been resettled in the U.S. for time periods ranging from 12 hours to 12 years.